One of the most dynamic and demanding sectors of modern life, utility providers often balance a multitude of products, services, regulations, and of course, customer service. Against this background, you need a team familiar with the fact that many utility companies are now generators, network operators, service providers and retailers. We’ll help obtain specified and global consents, undertake consultation, prepare feasibility studies and provide advisory and design related services to ensure long term performance of all assets.


As technology advances and consumer trends zig and zag through a regulatory landscape that never stands still, the need for clear thinking and sound advice is paramount. Our teams can ensure technology infrastructure is both technically and commercially viable. With an in-depth, best-practice understanding of wireless and fixed line technology trends, our pragmatic, sustainable solutions are both forward-thinking and smart.


Our teams utilise their expertise with environmental and resource issues to provide a complete integrated service. We work with suppliers seeking to implement new electricity generation projects or to extend their current networks; always looking for the best ways to secure any detailed consents required for energy-related projects.